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Tattoo Me Now 5/5 10/10 $27-$37

Tattoo Me Now Picture Tattoo Me Now Review

Note: This is my personal honest review. If you're unhappy with what I'm gonna say, then just buzz off. You can't change what my honest mind says; so, live with it! ;)

As you already seen earlier, Tattoo Me Now gets my top pick for the best tattoo design membership site.


Besides throwing me a bunch, yeah 3,500 tattoo designs for me to choose from, it has a really active forum!

That's what I needed! People's opinions! Why would I do a tattoo design that gets everyone to go, "YUCKS!" ?!?! Hopefully you get what I mean...

Tattoo Me Now claims to be regularly updating their database of over 3,500 tattoo designs in a total of 40 categories. After doing some simple math, I could confirm that is correct.

Up to today, I haven't actually browsed through everything because of its wide selection.

Here's what I usually do when I find an awesome tattoo design here:

1. Browse
2. Download
3. Print
4. OPTIONAL: Customize/Edit it further.
5. Get it done at my local store.

What I Liked About Tattoo Me Now:

Like I mentioned above, it has the following...

This is the section where members like yourself gets to share and comment on their own tattoo pictures and designs. Damn awesome before you actually get your tattoo done.

Can't find your local store? Not anymore as there's a large directory of tattoo joints all over the world. There might be one near you that you don't know.

Jesus christ, this active forum alone where advice is everywhere is worth the membership. Like I said, people's words are gold... enough said.

Just sit back and enjoy some of the videos created by the members or by the administrators. It'll help throw you ideas to further customize your tattoos.

It has a calendar event where it shows you a list of latest international tattoo events.


What I Dislike about Tattoo Me Now:

Till now, I do not actually have anything I dislike about Tattoo Me Now. Perhaps just a few videos clips that are not working and several occasionally technical difficulty in the "Tattoo News" section. Nah, I can't complain much about that.


Tattoo Me Now "Bonuses":

- 15 Free Bonus eBooks (7 on Tattoo, 8 on Fitness and Health)


Tattoo Me Now offers 2 different membership options:

- 1 Year @ $27
- Lifetime @ $37

It is not as flexible as Chopper Tattoo in terms of pricing but like I mentioned, it's active forum is already worth the membership. It's especially worth to get the lifetime membership if you are a hardcore tattoo maniac like myself :P

Refund Policy:

If for some reason you would want a refund (why the fuck would you? seriously...?), just drop the admin an email within 60 days for a 100% money back guarantee.


Final Thoughts on Tattoo Me Now:

With so much functionality that it has to offer, this membership is seriously value for money. I'm in fact, glad that I invested in this membership compared to Chopper Tattoo and Tattoo My Brain.

It was the perfect investment I made, especially for beginners like me and my girlfriend that needed so much help and advice to getting my tattoo!

Once I get my digital camera this saturday, I'll upload my tattoo design for you to see.

Here's an advice...

Just download the tattoo that catches your attention immediately to your desktop. Don't say something like, "Wow, that's cool... What's next?!" No, just download it off because chances of you forgetting about it is VERY HIGH due to the wide collection of tattoo designs.

Is Tattoo Me Now Worth the Investment?

Geez, if you ask me directly, YES, of course! I stand so firm on this decision.

Yeah, it's not too much money to invest and I don't know if I said this or not but here goes... If you want to invest in something on your body for the rest of your life, please make sure you get the best for yourself!

You will regret it if you don't heed the advice above. Played with fire, burnt with it and never want to get burnt again.

Try This...

Once you get that awesome tattoo that everyone in the forum says its nice, hop onto the bench on a sunny sunday afternoon and watch how people go, "wooo lala" on you. It's a HUGE ego boost, my friend.

You'll understand it fully once you get it.

Okay, enough granny speeches, you can get your membership and read more about it here -

I sincerely hope this review helped and totally cleared the doubts you had!

P.S. - These are my personal opinions, if you hate them, leave or live with it!

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