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Chopper Tattoo
Chopper Tattoo 5/5 10/10 $19.95 - $34

Tattoo Me Now Picture Chopper Tattoo Review

Note: This is my personal honest review. If you're unhappy with what I'm gonna say, then just buzz off. You can't change what my honest mind says; so, live with it! ;)

Chopper tattoo is a tattoo design site with a database of approximately 4,000 tattoos. However, its main purpose is just to help you choose a design for your tattoo.

It does not have the web functionalities like TattooMeNow has!

Basically, you choose a tattoo from the different tattoo categories, select it, and print it out and take it to your local store.

What I Like About Chopper Tattoo...

In its members area, it has this really slick and easy to navigate layout. You don't have to be a computer geek to find your tattoo designs.

Right now, they have 3,800 designs in their database. I personally prefer TattooMeNow as compared to Chopper Tattoo in terms of designs.

However, my dear girlfriend prefers Chopper Tattoo. So, it all boils down to individual preference on this.

Nonetheless, some of their designs impresses me. Oh well, what do you expect. Most of them are designed by professional artists.

What I Disliked About Chopper Tattoo...

W...What?! Why would they have banner ads at every single page I'm browsing. I mean, I paid for the membership already and here they are throwing me a bunch of cheap looking banner ads?

Yes, call me fuzzy but it distracts the hell outta me.

Yeah, it's something I personally don't like but I eventually got used to it...


Chopper Tattoo "Bonuses"

Additional Bonuses Includes:

I didn't expect them to include games in their database. Yeah, 8 of them in fact. They probably want you to take a break from stressing your mind too much, designing your own tattoo.

I'm not too sure about this but Chopper Tattoo allows you to have free access to to have free MP3 downloads.

Basically, it's a link where you can explore and get various fonts for your tattoo designs. Yeah, it sounds cool but you can always find these fonts on Google as well :P Well, I supposed convenience is the word.



Chopper Tattoo is priced at a cheaper rate than TattoMeNow but it's not exactly value for money.

1 Month @ $19.95
2 Months @ $24.95
Lifetime @ $34

In other words, if you are just looking to get one tattoo for the rest of your life, just proceed to get the 1 month membership. Otherwise, I would suggest the Lifetime membership.

No wait, consider getting the TattooMeNow lifetime membership at $37. It's just so much better, with the active forum! I'm not bias to TattooMeNow or whatsoever but if you do some math, you should know which is better.


Refund Policy

Yeah, Chopper Tattoo has a 60 day 100% No-Questions-Asked refund policy. If for some reason, you hate it, just ask them. They'll gladly return you.

Well, I kept my membership with them as they do provide me with high quality awesome tattoo designs.

Besides, my girl would kill me if I cancelled it :P

Final thoughts on Chopper Tattoo

Chopper Tattoo offers fantastic tattoo designs, enough to get your mind go, "Damn, should I get this? or that?".

But hey, I'm a big fan of asking questions and getting opinions from people. Thus, I'll still definitely recommend TattooMeNow as it simply over delivers.

Is Chopper Tattoo Worth The Investment?

As compared to what TattooMeNow is offering..... NO. But if you are just someone looking for a tattoo designs, then YES!

Like I said, my girl prefers Chopper Tattoo than TattooMeNow.

Try it and see for yourself. There's a refund policy anyway if you don't like it. :)

Hope this helps clear your doubts on Chopper Tattoo!

You can get your membership or read more about Chopper Tattoo here -

P.S. - These are my personal opinions, if you hate them, leave or live with it!

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