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Tattoo My Brain
Tattoo My Brain 5/5 10/10 $34.95
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Tattoo My Brain Review

Note: This is my personal honest review. If you're unhappy with what I'm gonna say, then just buzz off. You can't change what my honest mind says; so, live with it! ;)

Tattoo My Brain has one unique selling point. Yes, 6,000 Tattoo Designs to choose from. That's a whopping 6,000. Almost twice as much as TattooMeNow.

You'll definitely see stars after browsing through 6,000 of those. :P

Like the other tattoo design sites, you are able to download and print them at high quality resolution.

However, Tattoo my Brain doesn't get my top pick, I'll explain why..


What I Like about Tattoo My Brain...

The membership area is simple. However, it's still simple till it becomes a problem. I'll explain why below...

With 6,000 designs in their database, you should not be complaining. Besides that, they are mostly quality designs that me and my girl like.


What I Dislike About Tattoo My Brain...

Yes, it only has tattoo designs, as compared to TattooMeNow with its active forum. (Yeah, it's me again with the active forum rant again... But hey, you'll realize its importance once you experience it yourself!)

Well, searching for tattoos will never be the same again. Not with Tattoo My Brain!

Or perhaps, let you skip ahead of multiple pages.

Basically, you have to go through PAGE BY PAGE to look for your tattoos. Oh and what? They have 6,000 Tattoos!

Tattoo My Brain "Bonuses"

Tattoo My Brain claims to provide you with 5 AMAZING eBooks as bonus. Yes, amazing...

- Quit Smoking Today
- So You Wanna Buy A Car
- 101 Money Leaks
- Online Dating The Easy Way
- Your Dreams Revealed

Yeah, amazing? Why are these 5 eBooks TOTALLY UNRELATED to Tattoos ?! Shouldn't they give something related?

Oh well, I guess it's BONUS? :D?


Tattoo My Brain doesn't offer the flexibility in choosing a membership status.

They only provide one option which is the Lifetime Membership.

It's not that bad actually, considering you'll be getting 6,000 Tattoo Designs.

Tattoo My Brain Refund Policy

Tattoo my Brain offers a 60 days, 100% No Questions Asked refund policy. Yup, anything you don't like about them, just fire up an email to them and you'll get your money back.

However, I'm still having membership with them, because 1) 60 days has passed. 2) They do somewhat provide quality tattoo designs that me and my girl enjoy.


Final Thoughts on Tattoo My Brain:

If your main focus is to collect and browse kazillion amount of Tattoo Designs and that's all... Then Tattoo My Brain would be a wise decision for you.

Afterall, they provide at least 2,000 more tattoo designs than the other 2 Tattoo Sites.

However, in terms of value for money, I'll have to say TattooMeNow and Chopper Tattoo offers so much more value, despite having lesser tattoo designs.

Is Tattoo My Brain Worth The Investment?

Compared to Chopper Tattoo and TattooMeNow, NO it's not.

But if you're collecting tattoo designs for ideas, then YES.

Hope this helps you, my friend.

Here's the link for your convenience to read up more on their membership -

P.S. - These are my personal opinions, if you hate them, leave or live with it!

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- Tons of Nice Designs
- No Real Extras
- Lack of functionality
- Pain in the ass.