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How To Pick Your DREAM Tattoo? – 5 Easy Guidelines To Follow

When thinking of a tattoo design, these are usually significant designs that a person hold dear. In most cases, this can be their name, a member of their family that passes, or a symbolic figure that inspires or motivates them. But these designs do not come easy. These are all thought off and some even ask the help to tattoo artists or event the staff of the tattoo parlor on what design to make.

1. Don’t rely on preset samples

Although there are preset samples found in tattoo parlors, some people think that this is not enough since they want a more intricate and an even tedious marked on their back, or hands, arms or elsewhere in their body. Since removal is more painful and expensive, they don’t want their money to be wasted with designs that will make them regret for ever doing it. To be able to help them pick their dream design, the person should have an idea or a concept first and then draw it. Also think of the body part where you intend to put the mark. Make sure that the design will look good in the place where it will be inked.

2. Consider your complexion

Additionally, also think of the skin complexion. The designs and colors to be used should match the skin color so it can be appreciated by people.

3. Collaborate with the artist

Tattoo artists will help in the planning stage as well as the execution of the design. Sometimes, because of the level of difficulty of the dream design is difficult to achieve in one day. As a result, artists will make a preliminary sketch and then the customer will later on come back to get the job done. In a way, this is beneficial since the pain will be lessened and it gives the body time to recuperate from the procedure.

4. Know your artist well

Another factor in getting the dream design is the effectiveness of the artists. Yes, there are cheap tattoo parlors out there but the quality of their work is poor. Make sure that when going to the shop they produce quality design although he prices are higher.

5. Don’t be afraid to modify

When tattoo designs are big, perhaps, it can be narrowed down and little by little it will be inked into the body. This is an effective way to picking that dream design because modifications can be made and another design can be added. Just make sure that it will math and there are connections with each design so people will notice and like it!


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