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Risks and Complications with Tattoo – 4 Simple Ones You HAVE To Know!

Although getting a tattoo looks beautiful, there are still pains that go along with it. The person should endure the suffering depending on their pain threshold. However, apart from that, getting a tattoo also involves risks and problems poses great threat to health.
Before considering getting a tattoo, it is essential to think about the following:

1. Allergies

The person should know what allergies he or she has. Since the needle punctures the skin and the ink is marked on the body, it can cause allergic reactions. Dyes are incorporated by the tattoo artists so a person who is allergic to dye can have rashes. In worst case scenarios, these reactions can lead to difficulty of breathing and if there is no immediate reaction, it can cause death.

2. Infection

Skin infections can likely happen like flaring up of existing eczema problems. When the areas infected, there will be redness, swelling, pain, heat and even a pus-like drainage on the site. Bacterial infections should be noticed right away however sometimes, others will disregard the signs and symptoms. The good news though is that these can be treated with high antibiotics prescribed by the doctor. It is very important however that the medication should be taken religiously for better prognosis.

3. Blood-Borne Diseases

There are also blood-borne diseases like Hepatitis B, or C and even HIV or AIDs. These are serious problems and it can be transferred from one person to another. Also, there are no current cures for these kinds of blood-borne diseases. This happens when an infected person comes into the tattoo parlor and had got a tattoo. Then when the instruments like the gun or the needles are just recycled and not sterilized, the next person who uses this will acquire the problem. What is worst is that the person infected will just realize that he or she acquired the problem in the later stage of the condition wherein the signs and symptoms are worse.

4. Can interfere with the result of other surgical/medical procedures

For women, especially when they have tattooed eyebrows, when undergoing an MRI or magnetic resonance imaging, it can cause problems with the quality of the result. This is because the pigments may obstruct the view of what the physicians want to see inside the brain when it comes to brain activity. However, this is not a common scenario and it just rarely happens.

Finally, when thinking of getting a tattoo, always look at the techniques made as well as how it is sanitized so that there will be no problems that will happen in the future.


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