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The Best Tattoo Application Methods – 2 That We STRICTLY Recommend!

It is undeniable that a lot of people today want to get them inked. Tattoo is a form of body art wherein it is permanently marked in the body unless seeking professional treatment for removal. So when thinking of a design, these are usually meaningful pictures or words that represent something special to that person. Along with that, they go to trusted parlors and decide on what is the best application technique of tattoos.

It could be two kinds of…

1. The Electronic Tattoo Machine

As of today, there are many kinds of techniques that artists practice. The most reliable one and modern application a technique is with the use of an electronic machine. This is hooked with the gun where think passed through the needle and this is injected into the body. With the use of the machine, the needles sweep through the skin swiftly that it can puncture the skin a thousand times in a second. This is what tattoo artists have been using these days because it promises best results. The artists can easily achieve the design you want. Thus, it is one of the best application techniques of tattoos. Artists are not only limited to the usual black color since other colors can be used as well. The electronic machine helps the artist balance and blends the colors well when marking it on the body. Also, it is quite safe to use. The needle guns are changed customer after customer to ensure safety and avoid diseases like Hepatitis and certain infection.

2. The “Jailhouse Tattoos”

Another type of application technique is the “jailhouse tattoos.” This is another application that is highly dangerous because it only uses one needle for all those who intend to have one. These are often done inside the prison or penitentiary area. Thus, improvised guns are made by the inmates and uses ordinary inks. This procedure is extremely dangerous and painful because it rips off the skin unlike using the conventional method wherein it only punctures the site. The result can look ridiculous depending on how the skin was jerked and sometimes infection can happen. The needles are also unsterilized.

Since getting it is a permanent mark to skin and it involves the health, it is essential to know what the best available technique. Proper research and asking the tattoo artists and friend’s referral can also help in maintaining a disease-free body when getting marked.


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