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The Pros and Cons of Getting A Tattoo – Don’t be a WUZZ! Be yourself!

Tattoos are decorative body modification made with an indelible ink and a needle which is inserted in the dermal layer of the skin. Decorative and spiritual uses, fraternal or sorority identifications tags, cosmetic and medical purposes are some of the primary reasons why people have this. Nowadays, it would be best to consult a professional tattoo parlor prior to getting it because of any invasive procedure; there are also pros and cons of tattoos that come with having one.

Pros #1: Stand out as an Individual

Why tattoo? The primary reason why people have it is for cosmetic and decorative purposes. The major advantage is it gives you a definite identity and makes you stand out as an individual. Likewise, the markings that you have are an indication of your creativity as well as your identity. The artists usually assist you with getting the design you want but you are actually the one who describes and designs as you will be the one wearing them.

Pros #2: Branding

Branding could also be another advantage of having this. When one is “branded,” it usually means belonging to a particular group like a fraternity or sorority. Meanwhile, other people have tattoos of their partner’s name. This could be an expression of their love.

Pros #3: Covers up Skin Disorders

Its medical advantage is that it gives markings on actual places where radiotherapy treatment had been given. Likewise, they are also able to cover up skin disorders like vitiligo.

Cons #1: Risks Involved

The greatest disadvantage with having one is the problems associated with it. The risk that infection might occur is probably its most major disadvantage. It is a slightly invasive procedure which requires the use of a needle and the piercing of the skin. So if an artist is totally unhygienic and unsanitary with the procedure, then infection is also likely to set in.

Cons #2: Tattoo Pain

Tattoo pain is also one of the reasons why people are having doubts regarding this. The pain, however, would depend on the pain threshold of the individual as well as the area where this will be placed. Some areas are not as sensitive as other body parts. It would therefore be advisable to ask which areas are the least likely to hurt.

Cons #3: Expensive Removal of Tattoo

Tattoo removal could also pose as a disadvantage when one finally decides to have it removed. It is usually expensive and difficult with the actual surgery posing risks of its own. Likewise, most insurance companies would not cover this expense unless the removal was medically indicated.

Having a tattoo has its advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore important that one is truly decided before having getting it done. Also, it is important to have it done professionally on tattoo parlors because they have qualified artists who would be knowledgeable on how to assist you before, during and even after the procedure.


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